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Myles Hernandez is Miles Hernandez in real life and hails from Cavite, Philippines. She is one of the hot members of the Viva Hot Babes and she's also one of the hottest and most beautiful bold stars in Philippines movies.

But before Myles entered into showbiz, she was a student at the Lyceum of the Philippines and took Hotel and Restaurant Management. She was a stand out in the school due to her charming and unique beauty. It is due to that beauty that she was still in her freshman year when FHM Magazine editor in chief Eric Ramos spotted her and offered Miles to be the magazine's Girlfriend of the Month. That's the birth of the name Myles Hernandez in showbiz limelight.

FHM paved the way for Myles Hernandez to showbiz stardom. That magazine issue where she was featured as Girlfriend of the Month was a best seller and Myles became the talk of the town for the male readers. Then in that same year, 2003, Myles won the FHM Girlfriend of the Year title. She became the favorite out of the equally beautiful and sexy FHM girlfriends.

The award made Myles Hernandez to be more popular in the Philippines. That also paved the way for her to be one of the original members of Viva Hot Babes which tickled the wild fantasy of the male Filipino audience. The Viva Hot Babes were the most popular bold stars during their reign. Myles, together with Katya Santos, Maui Taylor, Andrea del Rosario, Gwen Garci, and others made various bold movies that were hits in the box office.

They made bold movies such as "Viva Hot Babes", "First Time", Sexposed: Philippine Cinema's Sexiest Scenes" and others in which most of the movies were becam controversial due to various adult flicks that were protested by conservative groups.

Myles Hernandez also became a household name in men's magazines. She had a lot of hot and sexy photo ops that made Myles so popular among the male fans. She even became one of the most searched Filipina bold stars in the internet. She surpassed all other Viva Hot Babes members and even the likes of Rica Peralejo, Ara Mina and others.
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